Kathleen is a behavioral scientist, expressive art coach, and writer who uses the tools of self inquiry, story telling, visual art, and movement to support personal growth and awakening. For over thirty years Kathleen has dedicated herself to teaching and counseling individuals, children, and families in schools around the Bay Area and privately in her Palo Alto office.

Her educational background includes a BA in Behavioral Science (a cross-disciplinary degree in psychology, anthropology, and sociology), and an MA in Counseling Psychology. She also receives ongoing training in expressive art, creative writing, process painting, imaginal and transpersonal psychology, somatic and non dual therapies, early childhood development, and addiction recovery.

Kathleen first began to use expressive art with her students in the local Bay Area schools where she taught. She always felt an affinity with children who, like herself, fell thru the cracks of a broken educational system. By introducing students to the universal languages of expressive art, she watched children of every age and background transcend the weight of labels imposed on them by well meaning professionals.

Currently Kathleen divides her work time between coaching (primarily with women and teens), writing academic articles, writing and illustrating children’s books and graphic novels, and hosting pop up events intended to bring expressive art therapy to places with little or no access to this supportive resource.


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