Expressive Art

The drive to create has been part of our emotional, psychological, and spiritual makeup since the beginning of human experience. For this reason, one need not be an artist to benefit from engagement with creativity.

Expressive Art is a natural process of self discovery that includes: visual art, music, movement, writing, and drama. All of which can have the healing element of humor and woven into them. It differs from Art Therapy in that it’s indicative rather than interpretive. There’s no end goal. Rather Expressive Art is a process through which we unleash the potential for change.

During the course of human development our true nature often gets buried beneath conditioned responses to our environment. Expressive Art can unearth our natural life force. We then become more mentally, psychologically, and spiritually vibrant. We are born with everything we need to live a life of presence. By clearing away what no longer serves us, we discover the inspiration, compassion, and curiosity that is our birthright.

Research shows a strong correlation between the use of creative arts and positive health outcomes. This may explain why more and more people are drawn to this path as a way to clarify their life’s intentions. Creativity is a doorway through which we can enter into a relationship with the natural source of all knowing. It engages the inner teacher who then directs us toward the expansive source of all expression where true change and growth happen.


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